Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: the year at agentorage records

looking back on this last year, i thought i would highlight some of my favorite posts from the year.  here are the links.  if you have a few minutes, you might find something you missed...

the lego ketchup bottle

cade teaches me to delight in the word

i am humbled when i face off in the epic battle: greg vs. the snowblower

i am no mere mortal (sniffle). 

my kids don't feel like dancin.'

i learn the power of dang genetics.

i rant about earth day.

caedmon explains worship.

i preached my swan song. 

i tell my second most embarassing story.

i got in a fight with the new bunk beds.   

i threw up in the susquehanna river. 

i looked back on my first 1,000 posts. 

i discussed my fear of the bricks. 

i wrote an open letter to my kids about starting school. 

'twas the night before steelers football 

cade wants to punch the ravens inside their nose. 

i made our annual family Christmas video. 

hope your 2010 was as wonderful and blessed as ours was, and that your 2011 is epic!

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