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overwhelming evidence

dang genetics. 

i've been told, and it's true, that i have a tendency (at least in some parts of my life) towards extremes.  i mean, why else would i currently have 10,655 songs on my ipod?  (by the way, that isn't a typo or an exaggeration.  just truth, people).  in college, one of my obsessions was writing as small as humanly possible.  it wasn't enough for me that i could write so small that none of my friends could really read my notes.  no, that wasn't near enough.  i had to go to extremes.  like the one course i took in which i was committed to putting the whole semester's-worth of notes on one regular-sized sheet of paper. 

i got it from my dad, who, as the story goes, once impressed my mom sometime during adolescence with his ability to write the lord's prayer inside a circle the size of a dime. 

dang genetics.

and now i'm passing it along, it would seem.  above you see one of the worksheets that our son Jack works on.  he was supposed to make 'o's.  twenty-eight of them, to be exact.  but, no, that couldn't possibly be enough for a milinovich boy.  twenty-eight is child's play.  he proceeded to go ahead and make (count 'em) 112 lower case o's, and one upper case o.  one hundred and thirteen pieces of evidence in the case of jackson milinovich vs. the power of genetics.  and the court rules in favor of.....

dang genetics. 


Mindy said…
I love how on the third line he started doing them double-decker style.
Crafty P said…
i love that copy cat paper! one of my "not so hidden talents" is that I could always read your handwriting regardless how small.
cathyq said…
Oh dear. However, there is something to be said for the passion involved in taking things to the extreme.

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