Friday, December 17, 2010

punch the ravens

a few days after the steelers played the ravens a few weeks ago, i was talking to my three-year old son Cade about how one of the ravens punched his favorite player in the nose and it was broken and bleeding.  he started getting upset about it, so i grabbed the camera and recorded the conversation.  i think you'll enjoy it.  (and don't worry, the scripture at the end is just a joke...sort of).  : )


Emoly said...

that is funny. I'm not sure if I am supposed to agree with a three year old, but if he could punch the Cowboys I wouldn't be upset... (I don't like the Ravens either, but I was happy to hear his add-in of the Cowboys -blech!)

cathyq said...

You are beyond help. Using your poor, innocent 3-year-old son to flaunt your views on the Ravens. Have you no shame? (He is the cutest, angry 3-year-old ever!)

julie said...

this is a video you bring out to show his girlfriend when he's 18... hilarious now and it will be hilarious then too!