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a snow day project (a cd for florida)

 we are going to (hopefully) sunny florida in a couple weeks.  but today is covered in snow and ice.  so, to distract from the sounds of ice pelting against my windows, i thought i'd make a cd to serve as the soundtrack for our trip to south florida (miami, florida keys, everglades, etc.).  here is what i came up with. 

1. the florida song - ricky sylvia
2. soak up the sun - sheryl crow
3. 1,2,3 - gloria estefan
4. island in the sun - harry belafonte
5. the yacht club - owl city
6. florida time - bob seger (with the beach bums)
7. miami 82 (avicii edit) - syn cole
8. conga - gloria estefan
9. kokomo - the beach boys
10. miami - will smith
11. orange blossom special - johnny cash
12. saltwater heart - switchfoot
13. florida key - the new basement tapes
14. ice, ice, baby - vanilla ice
15. margaritaville - jimmy buffett
16. havana - camila cabella
17. everglades - the kingston trio
18. get on your feet - gloria estefan
19. the old folks at home (state song of florida) - louis armstrong
20. jump in the line - harry belafonte
21. swanee river rock - ray charles
22. don't let me die in florida - patty griffin
23. rhythm is gonna get you - gloria estefan
24. the florida sun - the almost
25. see you later, alligator - bill haley and the comets


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bad haircuts (for a laugh)

everybody needs to laugh.  one good way i have found to make that happen is to do a simple google image search for 'bad haircut.'  when you do so, some of the following gems show up.  thankfully, my 9th grade school picture does NOT show up.  otherwise, it would certianly make this list!  please laugh freely and without inhibition.  thank you and have a nice day. 

State College to Birmingham

 as some of you know, i have been working towards a goal i set at the beginning of 2020 of running 1000 miles in one calendar year.  today is the last day of september (what?!?), and so that means the year is 3/4 of the way complete, which means i should be right around the 750 mile marker.  however, i am doing better than that, as my 5 mile run today put me at 847 miles for the year, almost 100 miles ahead of schedule!  i am feeling great, enjoying the journey, and experiencing a real sense of accomplishment as i work towards this goal.   i have also enjoyed these little milestones along the way, just to see how far i've come.  as it turns out, 847 miles from State College (along the roads, not as the crow flies) would have me arriving in Birmingham, AL, right about now!  not too shabby!  only about 150 to go!

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