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a very merry (and magical) christmas to you!

as many of you know, we try to do something different and interesting for our family christmas card every year (we've done i-spy's, it's a wonderful life, an old time circus, and superheroes, just to name a few).  this year we decided to try our hand at harry potter, since i've been reading the books to the kids out loud before bed at night.  so, from our home to yours, we hope your christmas is happy, magical, and full of wild wonder at the absurdity of a God who would enter into our story, our messes, our muted colors and lonely bethlehem nights.  there is magic in the mundane, mystery in the manger, if you will dare to believe it.

a milinovich family christmas, 2018

it's Christmas eve!  we have once again put together a little montage (our eleventh annual!) of some footage from our advent preparations for Christmas, this time to a song that i absolutely adore called "Lord, Remind Me" by Jon and Valerie Guerra. we hope you are reminded of the magic and the mystery of this unlikely story, and of the wonder of hope being born in your own heart again this year.