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last week we had the opportunity to visit the turkey hill experience near Lancaster, pa, and part of the fun of that experience is designing your own imaginary ice cream flavor, packaging, and commercial.  they boys and I worked together to come up with a  brand new flavor called "MILINO-NUT," and it is a coconut ice cream with coconut chips, pretzel bits, and fudge swirl.  I know, right?  you want some in your belly right now.  well, perhaps you could call or write to turkey hill and demand that they start production of MILINO-NUT right away.  look for it on the shelves of your local grocery store soon.  here is the commercial we made...we were trying to hypnotize you into buying our ice cream.  let us know if it worked....

happy birthday, Quin

  this little ninja turned 5 years old today, and it marks an anniversary of five years of exuberance, vibrancy, and belly laughs.  this kid has a galaxy-sized imagination, and the heart of an entertainer.  he is constantly singing and dancing, telling jokes and doing impressions and making us double over with laughter.  he loves an audience, and since we are his primary one, he seems to enjoy us, at least as long as we give him attention.  he likes us less when we talk to one another, or look in a different direction, but he gets over it.  to be sure, it is a five years that we can't imagine any other way, than loving and laughing and living so abundantly because of him.  we love you, Quinton.  happy 5th birthday!   his lego ninjago cake i think he likes it. 

summer bucket list, 2016

okay, okay, so its been nearly three weeks since i last posted, but i've been kind of busy and i have a bonafide, legitimate excuse:  WE MOVED!!! we are now residents of happy valley, in the state college area, and we are loving our new home, neighborhood, and church and community, but all these changes take some time for adjustment!  so we are getting there, and really just enjoying the process and all the new-ness. however, in the meantime, summer marches on, and i realized that i never got to share our annual summer bucket list, so here it is.  it is a bit smaller than usual this year, because we knew we wouldn't be able to do as much with a major move and all the packing/unpacking involved.  still, we want to make sure we live as fully and vibrantly as possible as a family this summer, taking advantage of the extra time with the kids, and enjoying the adventure together. as you can see, we went with a "constitution" theme for our list this year, since we