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happy halloween 2016!

  happy Halloween from a mad scientist, George Washington, and Clark Kent (and one of the referees who tries to keep them all getting along)!   we went to a Halloween party at church last night, and then the state college Halloween parade, where clark kent won 4th place in his group, and the mad scientist won 3rd in his!  we had a great time!   shannon made these awesome cookies for cade's classroom.     on Saturday we had some friends over and we had a blast carving our pumpkins!   the guy chewing the apple is mine.  Shannon's is the owl.  Jackson made the superman logo, cade made George Washington's profile, and Quinton's is obviously "a bear cave with a bear looking out."  happy Halloween!

love is all we've got...

if my sermon on sunday could be represented as a song, perhaps it would be this one by drew holcomb, who says, " 2016 has been a very confusing year for me. I wrote a new song about it called "Wild World". Here it is." love is all we've got to give away.  amen.

constant movement

seasons change.  by definition, that's what they do.  they are reminders that life, ever beyond our control, is in a constant state of movement, from what is known to what is unknown.  the weather itself is a sometimes wondrous, and sometimes terrifying reminder that we are not as strong as we think we are (those words written with an affectionate nod at the late, great rich mullins).  but it is in the midst of those in-between times, as one season spins its slow descent into a new one, that i recognize the constant movement of life. of course, as aliens in a new land (for that is what we are, even with the incredible hospitality of the good folks of state college, pa), the concept of constant change is nothing to our family.  we are living exhibits of the seasonal nature of life.  just as the colors on tussey mountain, which sits regally, enthroned in a wide sky, and gloriously visible from our back door, are starting to rust to more earthy hues, and as the morning air greets