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stop-motion lego Christmas

check out this cool video that Jackson made out of legos, his camera, and some video software...

Merry Christmas from the Milinovich family!

Merry Christmas from the Milinovich family!

a milinovich family christmas, 2016

one of my favorite Christmas traditions as a dad is the annual Christmas video we have made for the past 9 years now.  it is such a joy for me to put these together and watch my way through them, like a digital "ghost of Christmas past," walking me through the better part of the last decade.  directly below is this year's addition to the lineup, set to Pentatonix' "That's Christmas to Me."  the video begins with some ad libbing by Quinton, which is happening most of the time.  this advent,  he's been very concerned about the fact that the Bible never mentions a donkey in the story of Joseph and Mary traveling to Bethlehem.  so he decided to sing about it.  that's pretty normal in our house.  singing, dancing, merry-making: that's Christmas to us!   and, in case you want to walk with me through Milinovich Christmases past, here are our previous eight: