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empty-tomb power

i've been reflecting on the power of God.  as i have been trying to wrap my head around the size and scope and greatness of God, not so that i can fully understand God (i can't) but so i can better praise God, i have been filled with wonder.  God is full of majesty, surrounded by victory; robed in greatness, enshrined in glory.  God is rich in jaw-dropping, breath-taking awesomeness.  God's everything-ness is incredible. 1 chronicles 29:11 says:  Yours, O  Lord , is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty. Everything in the heavens and on earth is yours, O  Lord , and this is your kingdom. We adore you as the one who is over all things. God is a creative genius, a master builder, an exquisite artisan, an impeccable composer.   the whole world of sound; the circuits of the planets; the spectrum of colors; the symphony of music; the variety of creatures: all of these bear witness to God's imagination, skill, creativity, and power. wow. 

a beautiful (birth)day for a neighbor

i'm 40 now.  i've lived and walked and slept and played and sat and generally wandered about in wonder on this great earth for 40 years now.  i don't feel any older, of course, since getting older happens almost imperceptibly, incrementally, but just the number itself - 40 - feels substantial.  there is a heaviness to it.  a heavy roundness, like a giant teardrop, plump with weight, about to let loose from its grip. but if i am crying at all about being 40, it isn't for sadness or aging.  it is for joy.  utter and total joy. last wednesday was my birthday, but the celebration of my birth started before wednesday and went on afterwards.  i started with a party at my sister's house, with my parents and my sisters and their husbands, and all my nieces and nephew there.   we had pie and presents, and it was great to be with my family.  then, on my actual birthday, since we had a lenten supper and service at the church, the church had a party for me, complete w

pastor Quinton strikes again

after a particularly memorable children's sermon by Miss Kim on sunday morning, Quinton felt inspired to do one of his own.  at dinner on sunday night (scrambled eggs and scrapple - that's a whole 'nother story), he informed us that he would like to do the children's sermon at church.  we told him that he should practice, and show us how he would do it. so he got a microphone, and got started.  he said good morning to us, and when we responded in kind, he said, "i think we could say it a little louder than that! "  so we said good morning even louder. that seemed to satisfy him, so he jumped right into the message.  Miss Kim had used an apple as an object lesson, talking about where apples come from and how many different kinds there are, etc.  following suit, Quinton began by talking about his eggs.  he told us about how he liked to eat eggs, and how he likes ketchup with them and so forth.  finally, Shannon asked him what this had to do with God, and he