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now collage: him/her

mixed media collage on hardcover book board (found papers, acryclic paint, glue)
october, 2018
gregory a. milinovich

"so God created humanity in the image of God;
in the image of God they were created;
male and female God created them."
-genesis 1:27

so, if we are all created "in the image of God," what does that say about us?  about all of us? 

and what does it say about God? 

i think, as we learn to love our neighbors (and how we love our neighbors IS HOW WE LOVE GOD, according to 1 john 4:20-21), these are important questions for us to wrestle with.  when we read stories about separation of immigrant families; when we hear about mass shootings based on religion or race; when we are led to believe by the words and actions of our leaders that is okay to demonize, alienate, ostracise, generalize, stereotype, exclude or even execute those who are different than us, i think these are critically important questions, especially for those of us who claim to follow Christ. 

could it be (gasp) that God is bigger than you have thought?  might God look different than you?  could it be that our pronouns and adjectives all fall woefully short?  could it be that when we've chosen to only use certain pronouns, or certain paintings, or certain phrases, to picture or describe God, that we have done harm to our neighbors? 

today, and everyday, as i see my neighbors, i pray that i would be willing to see the image of God in them; to see a God who is bigger than i am, more colorful, more alive.  i pray that i would see, in the wildly diverse tapestry of humanity, the image of a God who made us all and called us all good.  and i pray i would continue to seek him/her. 


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