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washington d.c. vacation day 1

This is our last week in sunbury, and we are crazy with packing and sorting and cleaning and getting ready to move, and because we are just that insane, we thought that taking a week-long vacation right before we move would be a great idea.  so, last week we decided to head down to our nation's capital, to see some of the sights and just enjoy some time away from the towers of cardboard boxes lining the perimeter of every room in our house.

we headed out last sunday, taking John Coffey to a kennel, and then heading south at a leisurely pace, which is a different vacation technique for us.  along the way, just before gettysburg, we saw a roadside sign for what seemed like a unique establishment: mr. ed's elephant museum and candy emporium.

even though it was a few miles out of our way, we knew we had to stop.  so we drove through gettysburg to mr. ed's, and it delivered.  just as the title suggests, it is an elephant museum, with thousands upon thousands of elephants of every size and shape and color.  both indoors and outdoors. there was also plenty of candy and other kitschy items, including a fun mirror.

outside they had all sorts of random objects, and an elephant to ride.  (note: jackson is drinking a sasparilla, i promise).

from mr. ed's, we continued down to alexandria, virginia, where we were staying with shannon's cousin - our awesome host for the week who let us crash her home and take up all her space while our kids messed with her stuff and played with old electronics.  our first night there, we went and got a tutorial about the metro, and then drove into old town alexandria for dinner at bilbo baggins and a walk around town.

oh, and much to quinton's delight, we also parked near the mystery machine, which had pennsylvania plates, so i guess we know where scooby doo and the gang are from now.

that was it for our first day of vacay - a travel day.  stay tuned for more adventures of the milinovich family....


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