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beauty, reiterated.

i have written about them before, but i feel the need today to reiterate. 

**********spoiler alert************** i am about to give away what heaven sounds like, so if you don't want to find out, or you'd rather continue listening to the lard being pumped out of radio stations going by names like LMFAO, justin bieber and maroon 5, you go right ahead. 

if you are still reading, prepare to have the veil lifted a bit.  it's like opening your eyes for the first time.  or finally feeling hope.  it's like being born when you thought you were already alive, but you are slowly realizing that you've only begun to taste a drop of life on the tip of your tongue.  i'm pretty sure it is what God had on the ipod when God was artfully creating everything that is good and beautiful. 

what i am going on about?  sigur ros.  specifically their new album, valtari, which came out yesterday. 

it is amazing.  go buy it.  quickly.  put on some headphones.  sit in a dark place.  or in a bright place.  or go running.  or fall asleep.  or start painting.  or anything, really, it doesn't matter.  whatever you are doing, it will become more meaningful, more drenched in holiness, more poignant and important and alive and breathtaking. 

in case you have no idea what i am talking about (and you didn't stop reading with the spoiler alert), you can learn more about sigur ros here.  or you can go right to their own website here.   basically they are a band from iceland that make sounds and songs that are otherworldly, peaceful and passionate, alive and abundant, earthy and ethereal. 

on a scale of five stars i give it:  all the stars in the universe, as in: the music of the spheres. 

on a completely unrelated note, i read this blog post today about the importance of reading Scripture together as a family, and it really challenged me to find a way to make this happen.  in any case, it is a very good read about the importance and value of eating our spiritual meals. 


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