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random: zombies and ear infections

-why do i feel like mike tyson ate a can of spinach and pounded me about the face and torso?  oh, yeah, up with a crying baby (ear infection) in the middle of the night.  now i know what shannon's been going through for months.  i don't know how she does it because i literally feel like zombies chased me across the county during the night, finally caught me behind some old abandoned barn, and performed such heinous zombie acts upon me that they cannot be mentioned, leaving me in a worthless pile of zombie-flesh.  that's precisely how i feel.  so, shannon, if you're reading:  i'm sorry for ever thinking you should just be able to be up and cheery after being up half the night with a crying baby.  or a terrifying zombie.  whichever. 

-yesterday i finished a book i have been reading by former new york yankees catcher jorge posada and his wife laura called "the beauty of love" which is the personal story of their journey from children to adults to falling in love and getting married and then having a child who was diagnosed with a condition called craniosynostosis, which has to do with some fusing issues in the bones of the skull in young children.  it seems like a terrifying ordeal, and one that the posada's struggled through with equal parts failure and success.  the book tells the story of how they turned a situation that for a long time seemed to threaten the survival of their family into an opportunity to help others.  a very inspiring read.  we should all handle adversity with such strength and tell about it with such honesty. 

-i was also going to write a bunch more, and it was going to be powerful and poetic, possibly world-changing.  but i think i'm going to take a nap instead.  before the zombies catch me again. 


Crafty P said…
I will have Vinny read this.... the first part pertains to him. I may or may have said to him in a tone resembling a zombie mommy at 3:30 am the other night: "Don't talk to me! I'm miserable"

naps are brilliant.

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