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truck stuck in tree, and the art of bradying

-hey, did you hear there was a football game played on sunday?  yeah, me neither.  i guess there was some kind of madonna concert and they played some football game before and after the show. 

-actually, i did watch the game, and was delighted with the results.  i know i'm going to have to go through at least 300 years of purgatory for this, but here's the honest-to-goodness truth of it:  i love watching boston lose and suffer.  in general i am not nearly so harsh and hateful, but boston (and the baltimore ravens) is the target of all of my disdain.  i won't eat boston baked beans.  i avoid sam adams.  i don't watch movies set in boston.   if there's something i like, and then i find its from boston, i swear it off.   if i'm watching jeopardy, and one of the contestants is from boston, i begin praying for a long and humiliating loss.  okay, so i'm exaggerating here (what i do best), but i'm not completely making this up, i assure you.  which is why, i'm a big fan of the newest craze sweeping the nation.  first there was tebowing, mimicking the kneeling posture of tim tebow, and now there is something called 'bradying,' which is the seated position of one who has just lost the superbowl to a new york team, even after your supermodel girlfriend begged for others to pray for you and your happiness.  so, i'm okay with a few extra years of purgatory, because i am seriously enjoying this:

-hey, great news.  our youth group at church participated in the souper bowl of caring this sunday in church, leading worship and gathering collections for local folks in need.  together, they were able to raise over $430 for a local soup kitchen and about 200 pounds of groceries for a local shelter.  great work by them, and further evidence that we are living into our vision, to become a people of hope. 

-any fathers who are reading would be blessed by reading this fantastic short blog post about what it means to be a daddy.  very much worth a read. 

-and now, for kicks and grins, see if you come up with a funny caption for this: 


Emoly said…
"Them Duke boys got nuthin' on me."
Anonymous said…
Where is that valet parking guy?
Crafty P said…
please read Oliver Jeffers, Stuck.
it came to me as I read this post. It's HILARIOUS.

I also have quite a hankering for anything written by Mr. Jeffers
Bill Uebbing said…

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