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saturday song: accidental light

this week i bring you a special saturday song.  the song itself is by a band called "sleeping at last" whom i just discovered this week.  on my birthday i used the itunes money i had to buy just about everything they've recorded.  i'm absolutely in love.  they are currently doing a project called "yearbook" in which they do a 3-song ep for each month of the year.  they are halfway done, and will finish with a 36-song project.  the song below, called "accidental light" is from the december ep. 

as i've been listening to them nonstop for the last several days, i can't help but imagine that their songs are the soundtrack to one of those artsy independent films that are made with handheld cameras and involve any number of blurry shots.  i felt so strongly about this, that i felt compelled to make my own version of what was floating through my head.  since this particular song seems to speak to me about the way time is constantly slipping away, and how we have to just risk being present in the now, i figured it was appropriate to use my family in everyday circumstances as the subject of my video.  when you watch the 3-minute 40-second video below, you'll see my son reading a book to his mom, and my other son watching on with some interest.  that's it.  nothing profound.  just a regular day in a regular home in a regular town right before dinner.  the sun is getting low in the sky, and the light is, well, accidentally perfect for just such a moment.  please recognize that this is ridiculously amateur, but sometimes i just feel the need to somehow express what is bursting forth from inside me.  so here you go: sleeping at last's "accidental light" as filmed by yours truly. 


Anonymous said…
amateur or not Greg, it was beautiful, you never ceaseto amaze me
greg milinovich said…
thanks, anonymous. it is admittedly interesting to amaze someone anonymous.
Mrs. Milinovich said…
Ordinary IS extraordinary.
julie said…
i treasure these moments.
Mary said…
it was beautiful! and tear jerking. I want to catch those boys and keep them from growing up any more! miss you guys...
Anonymous said…
thanks...luv it...ten apples up on top, one of my moran

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