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boy oh boy

boy, oh boy. i've spent the better part of the last 24 hours coming to terms with the fact that we are very soon going to have three boys under the age of 7 in this house. i'm thinking of hanging a sign on the front porch: testosterone r' us.

as soon as the lab technician said that he clearly saw free willy in utero, i smiled. i mean, i would have been thrilled with either a boy or a girl, just a healthy human being (as opposed to say a platypus or tapir) was all i was hoping for. but the practical side of me was really hoping for a boy. you see, we have boxes of clothes. we have piles of toys. we have a house full of boy things, and with jackson and caedmon continuing to climb through childhood, that isn't going to change. now, we don't have to add a wall-to-wall barbie collection to go with our sea of superheroes.
of couse, as soon as we walked out of the ultrasound room, and i smiled at shannon, she punched me in the arm. hard. but, as we discussed, she's just going to have to more clearly define her role as the princess in the house. and i'm going to have to teach those boys how to treat a woman you love. shannon thinks maybe all 4 of us boys will have to get involved in scouts so she can at least get a free week each summer!

the first thing jack and cade said about the situation? "mom, you're in trouble!"

in any case, i am just so thankful to find out that the little 14-ounce human shannon is nurturing is healthy and doing well. we keep praying for him, and can't wait to meet him.
 today is shrove tuesday, also known as fat tuesday or pancake tuesday. essentially, it's the last day before lent and it's supposed to be a day where you acknowledge the abundance of gifts in your life and share them with others. it has sadly just become a day where we gorge our gluttunous selves with food and other indulgences. but as we are about to begin the holy season of lent, in which we deny ourselves, and focus on our mortality and our brokenness, today is a day to celebrate the incredible gifts in our lives. so let them eat pancakes! (whatever that means).

 i've started "stumbling" on a website called stumble upon. basically, how it works is that you indicate your interests and then it will randomly generate websites that may match your interests. if you like it, you can mark it and it will save it as one of your favorites. if you don't, you simply hit the stumble button and it's on to the next one. it's a pretty cool idea, especially given just how wide the world wide web really is, and i've already found some amazing stuff in just one day. so i thought that from time to time i may offer you a "stumble of the day" which will simply be a website/page that i've stumbled upon that i think is awesome enough to share. so here's one for today:

the video below is from NPR, and features a pianist named Hauschka, who takes random objects and puts them on the actual strings inside his piano, to see what kinds of sounds they create. then he creates amazing works on the piano that sound like ensembles of several instruments because he is able to get so many interesting sounds from his piano. amazing. check it out:


Mrs. Milinovich said…
Ok. So, Shannon is going to have to have "girl night out" so that she can get away from all that testosterone! Poor thing! Having said that though, we are thrilled to have another grandson! What a joy it will be to have one more little Milinovich boy in our lives. We cannot wait to meet him, kiss his sweet little face, and hold him in our hearts forever. Lancaster fabric stores: here we come!
Yea, we had our pancakes today; yummy syrupy goodness! There's a reason they call it "Fat Tuesday"!
Emoly said…
I would like to fast forward three or four years to the point where those words of the boys are prophetic...

Shannon; I know you love all of the x chromosomes in your life, but if you ever want to escape, I will gladly take a trip to Mall of America with you or come rescue you!!!

Emoly said…
and by "x" chromosome, I meant "y". Sorry, not enough sleep yet...

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