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beware the ides of march

-happy ides of march. i'm not really sure what you should watch out for today, other than if you see some of your friends sneaking behind you with knives in their hands, you should probably run or something. don't just say something in latin, though. definitely don't do that. i'd run. or go all kung fu on them and jackie chan those knives right out of their hands. take that, you ides of march.
-i stumbled upon this incredible book surgeon who makes art out of old books. and not just nice things to look at, but incredible, almost impossible works of art. it will blow your here to have said mind blown.
i'm having trouble being creative this week. i'm experiencing that feeling i always get after tragedies. in the face of so much death and loss, how can i write about the stupid ides of march? how can i be dramatic and silly? in the face of hope-crushing reality, how can i make light of the world. i know that part of a healthy response to these things is moving on and staying the course, but i just find myself feeling sheepish about laughing, or being creative. life, to me, in these moments, feels very fragile, like i should just hold my breath and stay very still. or like my heart is so heavy that i couldn't even lift it if i wanted to. just when i think i might, fresh waves of images of women and men looking for their children or their spouses rush over me and pull me under. i feel helpless in the face of such large-scale devastation. i'm not hopeless, but i'm not sure how to apply the hope i have. the world is so big, but it's also a great deal smaller now, and japan doesn't feel all that far away. it's real and those are real people and alot of real people were washed away in the flood, and it breaks my human heart in so many thousands of pieces. Lord, let your Kingdom come. please.


Happy said…
nicely said, Greg.
Mrs. Milinovich said…
Catastrophes like this just bring us to our knees. There ISN'T anything cute, clever, or funny to say. My heart goes out to the hurting families.
Emoly said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emoly said…
not to make this out to be less then it is, but Japan is now 12 feet closer to the U.S. I heard that yesterday. The earthquake moved it, not a minuscule amount, an entire twelve feet!!!

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