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to my kids: what i love about you #744

everyday is full of moments.  not just minutes - that's just the passage of time - but moments.  and in those occasions when i'm not too distracted or tired or irritable or preoccupied to miss them, i get to experience them.  and i am always the richer for it.  i firmly believe that we miss 90% of our lives because we are too preoccupied with the other 10%.  these moments just pass us by, unnoticed, unclaimed, uncelebrated.  unless.  unless we seize them and examine them.  and enjoy them. 

when it comes to my children...well, i am always the richer when i find a way to enjoy them.  and i mostly fail at documenting them.  they pass by, often barely noticed, into my subconscious where i may never recognize them again.  i hate that.  i want to write them all down.  i want to put it all on film.  i want to declare it to the world: my life is amazing!  i am so blessed! 

and so i keep blogging. 

and i keep wanting to make sure i let my kids know how much i adore them.  so, i keep trying to find ways to tell them.  here are just a few of the reasons why:

-i love that when i come home from a meeting at church, and your mother has already put you to bed, and i come into your room to kiss and pray for you, you often reach out your small little hands and pat my hand.  half asleep, your subconscious state doesn't stifle your affection.  with tiny sleepy movements, you pat me.  and my soul flies with joy. 

-i love when you love one another.  when you think of your brother as well as yourself.  when you break yours in half to give part to him.  i love when you wrestle together, and when you make each other laugh.  i love when i discover you both in the top bunk, reading books together, like you are discovering some secret treasure of knowledge.  i love that sometimes cade falls asleep on jack:

-i love that you know how to be joyful.  when we decide to watch a movie as a family on a friday night, you dance.  when you get a couple gummy worms in your snack, you smile like you just won the lottery.  when you get upset, you get over it.  and you dance again.  thanks for teaching me about joy. 

-i love that you, cade, need to pick out your outfit everyday, and that you need it to "match," which to you means that somewhere on the piece of clothing there needs to be a hint of the color on the other piece, even if it's on the tag.  i love that you care. 

-i love that you, jack, like to try new things.  like when we said you could buy lunch at school one day this week, you choose chicken fajita salad instead of pizza.  when i asked you why, you said, "i like to try new things."  that's awesome.  i want to be like you.

-i love that you, baby #3, are already expanding your tiny little world, growing your way into our hearts as we watch you rising in your mommy's belly.  i already adore you, and can't wait to watch you continue to grow. 


Mary said…
tears. on my lunch break. tears. :o)
Mrs. Milinovich said…
And I love the way you love your kids and tell them about it. I wasn't (and aren't) nearly as good at that. I love that about you.
greg milinovich said…
great, now i'm crying too.
julie said…
tears. really? really? again? we are just a mess. a hot mess.

i love that about you too, greg.

and shannon looks absofreaking radiant. i want to kiss her belly!
Crafty P said…
oh good grief, I'm caught in the milinovich family tear fest.

you're an awesome dad.

yeah, I recycled those words that you just gave to me, but you are.

incidentally, I just said similar things to Vinny last night. I wish I could record all the delightful little things that pass between the lips of my children each day. I'm sure it would erase the frustration I often feel at the end of what seems very long days. my heart is indeed very full.

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