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saturday song: pilgrim

for today's saturday song, i give you steve earle and the del mccoury band singing a song called "pilgrim" from their 1999 album the mountain.  the song features several guest vocalists including emmylou harris, sam bush and john hartford among others. 

i love steve earle.  to me, if america had a singing prophet, he would sound just like steve earle.  not dylan...not springsteen...but steve earle.  it may be too much twang for some of you, but to me it sounds like the voice of this land.

and i chose this song this morning because it reminds us that this is ultimately not our home.  we are just passing through.  augustine famously said, "our hearts are restless until they rest in you," and mr. earle is essentially saying the same thing here, in his own gritty way.  we are pilgrims, and while this isn't our home, we are never really alone, either. 



Unknown said…
you are invited to foillow my blog
greg milinovich said…
um...okay. i don't usually do much foillowing, though.
greg milinovich said…
ps. i want this song played at my funeral. kthanksbye.

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