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random thursday: lots of ones, but no cheerleaders

-if you like the number one, this is your year!  2011 offers some pretty cool dates like 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, and 11/11/11.  not only that, but if you take the last two digits of the year you were born and add them to the age that you'll turn in 2011, you'll get 111 (or 11 if you were born after the year 2000). 

-here's a cool fact about the superbowl:  there won't be any cheerleaders.  according to my research, there are only three teams in the nfl that don't have official cheerleading squads (the steelers, packers and browns), although the packers cheat and use local college cheereleading squads at their home games.  still, they won't be bringing these along for the big game, so it will be a cheerleader-free super bowl, which means there will be no obligatory and gratuitous shots of scantily clad gyrating women.  i have never quite understood the purpose of cheerleaders at professional football games where 60,000+ people are in the stadium, other than the aforementioned sex appeal.  so this little tidbit of news makes me happy.  by the way, the steelers did have a cheerleading squad called the steelerettes for a total of 9 years during the 1960's.  they haven't had them for the last 50 years. 

-i just read in the news that the color-coded threat advisory system that our county has used since the september 11th, 2001 attacks is being decommissioned.  which means i will no longer be confused about what it means that the threat level is currently orange or yellow, and why we never go to have threat level lavender or raw umber.  still, i will miss the publicity for the color orange, even if it was bad publicity.  it'll be harder to keep orange in the news now. 

-shannon interviewed the boys the other day and wrote down their answers.  this is something we've done from time to time just to have something for them (and us) to look back on someday and smile at their answers and see the ways things have changed or remained the same.  she asked caedmon what he loves about daddy, and he told her, "his money."  great.  my three-year old only loves me for my money.  which really sucks because it won't be long until he's old enough to realize that i don't have any money.  ha!

-i'm preaching this sunday about hope, one of my favorite topics, which i'm passionate about.  and i'm curious, what makes you hopeful?  in a broken world full of despair and pain and bad news, what is it that stirs the embers of hope in you and can breath them into a full fire of warm expectation?  what is it in life that gives birth to (or restores) hope for you? 

-in other news of the completely unsurprising sort, jimmy buffet fell off a stage and had to get stitches.  i wonder if he was too busy looking for his lost shaker of salt?

-10 days until the bowl of superness.  i plan to enjoy each and every one of them. 

-if you like brett keisel's beard, you can go to this website and put one on a picture of yourself.  i did one for jackson:

-that's all for today.  hope you all have a great (unsnowy) day.  don't forget to hit me up in the comments about what gives you hope. 


Emoly said…
That is pretty cool about the dates... for a minute we thought it didn't work with Bill. Then we realized he's a year older then we were adding!! oopsies.

I find the scantily clad "cheerleaders" a bit creepy for professional football teams. Isn't that what Playboys are for? Why do we need them parading around the end zone. There's no marching band (hey, I'm a band geek therefore pro-band), they could also be wearing too short shorts and grind away to the music they're playing. But I guess that never took off.

I love the color coded system you have pictured. I'm wondering how many bloggers will actually read it??

I laughed out loud at Cade liking you for your money. That quote goes right next to Jack's about Chef Boyardee being his favorite. Your and Shannon's most proud moments as parents, I'm sure. hehe

About hope. That threw me. There's a lot of Hope going on in our house right now. Hope that God is doing the right thing. Hope. Hope for the better, hope for better things to come. But to answer your question... I think laughter and good people, good deeds, and doing good things makes me hopeful.
Anonymous said…
It's been awhile since I've let my thoughts be challenged, and of course you would be the person to do it to me. Thank you for that.

What keeps hope with me is seeing little kids with big smiles and/or laughing. This is pretty obvious why, show me one person who won't smile when they see a little kid smile.

But there is also what I've learned by being an emt. The biggest thing that it has taught me is to pay attention to little things. There have been many times where I've been on a call where someone has stopped what they were doing to go help a stranger. There are also the smaller things: someone holding a door open for the next person and giving someone extra change to help pay for their food/beverage/etc.

I hope this helps you with your sermon or just to even make you think about your everyday living just a little bit more.

Peace, Love, and Hope
Erik Lindstrom
julie said…
it's interesting you blogged about hope because seth and i were JUST discussing this last night. sometimes we get frightened when we realize that we brought Amelia into this messed up world. we read and see the news and we want to jump on the nearest space ship to another planet. we see the depravity of man and it saddens us to our core. so where do we find hope?

we discussed that our hope is in God's promise - that He has told us that he will redeem us and also this very earth. i'm studying the Old Testament in CBS and some of the periods of time for Israel must have seemed "hopeless" but God always kept his promise and saved them, whether they deserved it or not. that gives me hope.

I also agree with Emoly - baby smiles and coos and giggles show us that purity and honesty we yearn for. the older i get the more i can't wait for Heaven.
Mrs. Milinovich said…
As for the cheerleaders: I have always taken pride in the fact that we don't have girls with too much skin showing jumping around on our sidelines. Why would girls want to do that with stadiums filled with hairy men drinking too much? Go figure.

Cade's remark reminds me of what Chad said when asked what Grandma McCollum was wearing and he said "rings"! So funny.

As for hope...Babies, great stories with heroic characters, sunny skies, promises, rainbows, early springs, acts of kindness, John 3:16, and cockeyed optimism in the face of "Mordor". One of the best quotes from "The Lord of the Rings"... "There's always hope." Amen.
RedBankBilly said…
here is what gives me hope in these times of trouble and despair.....wait for it.......
BEER...LOL...sorry I had to do it..
Can I ever be serious..????
greg milinovich said…
thanks for all the comments! i just wanted you to know that i used all the comments about hope in my sermon, and your contributions and thoughful comments help to enhance and bless our worship experience! thanks for being a long-distance part of our community in this digitally-connected world!

be full of hope, friends. God is not finished.

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