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darth and buzz, best buds

and now, for your viewing pleasure, our halloweeners:

the dark and powerful leader of the dark side of the force meets the toy who would be a real space ranger.  and right on our front porch.  amazing. 

below you can see the both sides of the force, the dark angry vengeance of vader, and the happy carefree joy of a toy with ANDY scribbled on his foot.  the yin and yang of halloween.  so eager to walk up to complete strangers and ask for sugar. 


NJ Grandma said…
They were look very cool - hope they enjoyed their Halloween.
NJ Grandma said…
Let's try this again - they both look very cool - hope they enjoyed their halloween
greg milinovich said…
thanks, Gail. they had a great time, although they don't have the endurance that i think they'll have in a few years. which is fine, because they don't really need that much candy. we had great weather, so it was a really nice night.
Emoly said…
This gives so much more meaning to Jack's comment about McDonald's play land, "There can be but one hope." Has he even seen Star Wars???
greg milinovich said…
no, he's never seen star wars. he's maybe seen a moment or two here or there when it was on tv, but he's never really seen it, nor does he have any concept of what it's about.

and his comment about hope was, "there's always one hope." sounds sort of strange coming from the mask of darth vader, don't you think?
Emoly said…
well, yes. but remember that Darth was Luke's father... *spoiler alert*! ;)and Yoda trained him too. I don't know, that's what I always think of when ever I read/think of his comment. I'm weird that way.

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