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another lego day off

yesterday, on my day off, Caedmon and i decided to play with legos, which is a pretty regular activity around our house.  he mostly plays with the lego "guys," and you can see here what he came up with:

i, on the other hand, was hearing the voice of hank williams jr. in my head, and looking forward to monday night, so i made this:

go steelers!


Anonymous said…
Nice to see your smiling face, Morning Pastor Greg! Miss ya! Jill Marra
greg milinovich said…
thanks, Jill. good to hear from you. glad to see that you're doing well.
Emoly said…
I love the Toy Story 3 legos!! *sigh* Bill just put our legos back in the attic. We had to clean the house for company (see his blog post on that)
Crafty P said…
okay Legomaniac... here's my question of all lego collecting questions: how do you store them? by color, by building set, by brick size? give me some ideas b/c we're about to come into some more legos in the next few weeks!
cathyq said…
Perhaps all the gold and black ones should be kept in a special box just for them! Just saying.
greg milinovich said…

we have them organized into sections. we have one huge bin which we call "special" pieces, which are actually irregular pieces. we have another large bin of regular bricks (all shapes and sizes...just the normal ones). then we have a bin of just flat peices...a bin of just lego people and accessories...a bin of just wheels....a bin of just angles pieces...a bin of windows and doors...a bin of clear pieces...and a bin of construction vehicle pieces. i don't think it matters on which basis you organize, only that you organize! half of the fun (for me) is organizing them and helping the kids learn the importance of this.
Crafty P said…
wow, I just searched and found your organization response to me. That is quite an interesting and bin-filled way to organize. I'll have to think it over. I believe a FB poll is in order. thanks and I'll talk to you later.

ps I, too, like blog comments ;)

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