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living room before/after

as you ask, you shall receive. 
you asked for before/after pics of the living room, so here you go:

the above picture is the living room before we moved in.  of particular notice here is the flooring and the curtains, which have both changed. 

here is the room the day we moved in: empty.  you can see that the lime green carpet has been pulled up to reveal nice hardwood floors.  unfortunately, there was some damage to one section of the floor, so it needed to be cut out and replaced, before the rest of the floor could be sanded and finished.  so, needless to say, it's been a process while all of our living room stuff has been in the dining room and garage.  this week we were finally able to move stuff into the finished room, and while we have not gotten to the point of decorating or hanging anything on the walls, we've at least got our furniture in the room, the tv working, new curtains up, a new area rug in place, and a start to our new living room. 

last night we put the second coat of paint on our kitchen, so you'll soon be able to see some update pictures of that, as well, for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing.  of the most interest, however, will be the mancave, which i will eventually get to, but for some reason keeps getting put at the bottom of the priority list.  hmmm....


NJ Grandma said…
Looking good - the floors are beautiful - work is never done when you live in a house - we are here 13 years and have redone everything we did 13 years ago - it is an ongoing process. Good luck with the rest of the house.
Mary said…
i love it! :o)
julie said…
i love hardwood floors. can't wait to see the finished product!
Emoly said…
if they aren't okay with you putting holes in the wall (especially if they're plaster walls), velcro with the sticky back is a good solution. run strips along the backs of the frames and if the artwork is light enough (I know 8 x 10 frames are), it should hold up really well. Then you only have to peel that off instead of filling in holes. And if the art work happens to be crooked, it's easier to unvelcro it and straighten it!

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