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things i wish

i wish i could defy gravity like the squirrel in my front yard. 

i wish people would return items they've borrowed that they now think they own, simply because they've had them for 10 years.  just perusing the news this morning, i came across this story that i thought was funny and reminded me that if any of you have any of my cds that you borrowed in college, and you want to return them now, that would be brilliant.  i will not hold it against you.  (it may or may not surprise you to know that in college i had something called "greg's cd library" through which i lent out cds.  when someone would borrow a cd, they got a "library card" with it that not only included the cd info, but also gave them a chance to rate and review the cd.  i have always been a music nerd). 

i wish i had the memory of my 5year old, as he can remember basically everything that has ever happened to him in his short life so far, even trivial things, like the last time he ate bowtie pasta. 

i wish i had a hot tub time machine.  or just a hot tub would be fine, too. 

i wish i had more time to read this website.  or this one

i wish my ipod was a tiny chip implanted in my temple, so i could just listen to music in my head whenever i wanted.  and i wish you didn't think i was weird for saying that.

i wish i could be like this guy:

i wish i could devote my life to my family, and to helping others realize that they are loved with a wild and crazy love beyond their wildest imaginations, in order that they might share that love with others.  oh wait, that's exactly what i get to do!  i am a blessed man. 

i wish i could continue to find ways to share that blessedness with others...with you. 


Anonymous said…
Love the post. Thanks for including the link to the Lego guy - my son wants to be a Lego artist, so we spent a fun time looking at the photos.
Emoly said…
Wow. I love Lego's. I'm going to be spring cleaning this weekend. I think I'll pull out the boxes that our Lego's are in and drag them up to my office. Of course this might encourage me to get even less work done...

And, if you happen to read greg's blog and you stole a Matchbox double decker bus from an eight year old girl in 1985 on your way home from school, I'll take it back now, no questions asked.

I wish I could let it go.
Greg C. said…
You just did! Gracias.
Joel B said…
i have to two of your dvds if you can name them i might think about giving them back to you.

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