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change the channel

today in random land....

-the best scooby-doos in the world are the ones from the late 60's and early 70's.  and the best ones from that era are when scooby and the gang solve crimes with the help of batman and robin.  i mean, how awesome is that?  the caped crusader, the boy wonder and those meddling kids?!?  the batmobile and the mystery machine?!?  it's almost too incredible for words. 

-something i learned from david crowder on twitter: today's palindrome is go hang a salami, i'm a lasagna hog

-here's a hint: if someone tells you that you should leave your church if you see the words "social justice" or "economic justice" on your church's website, stop listening to that someone.  change the channel.  immediately.

-micah 6:8....he has shown you, o mortal, what is good, and what the LORD requires of you: to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God. 

-now playing: the outsiders by needtobreathe. 

-don't forget daylight savings time this weekend.  time to spring ahead.  don't be late for church.

-i still have one small pile of snow in the yard.  when i see it, i bust out singing, "always something there to remind me..."

-my parents are coming for the weekend, therefore my kids are incredibly wound up and excited.  jack just shouted, "REJOICE IN THE LORD AND BE KIND TO OTHERS!" followed by a series of dinosaur roars. 

-sorry, but back to the justice thing.  just want to make sure i'm being very clear here: if someone tells you that the church shouldn't be doing "social justice" they are either a) incredibly ignorant or b) outright antagonistic towards the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which calls us to care for the "least of these."  please change the channel.

-warm weather = sore muscles.  (because it's been warm, i've been out with the kids, playing basketball, running, and just using my body to do more than walk to the kitchen for a bag of chips). 

-hope everyone has a great weekend.  remember: God has called you to social justice, through personal acts of love, through the church, and, yes, through the government.  in every way you can, act with justice.  and, for God's sake, change the freaking channel.


Kerri Smith said…
taco cat is my favorite palindrome. :)
Emoly said…
*sigh* Needtobreathe....

my favorite band. They'll be here in just over one week. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy them???

Thanks for the "change the channel" hint. Our pastor just gave a sermon, and used a story about a minister who had a meeting at a church and saw a sign over the sanctuary doors that advised their women how to dress. As he neared the room where the meeting was being held, he heard them all singing a hymn. (editor's note: just think of any hymn, but it had something to do with loving God and everyone for who we are. I'm sure you could think of a more perfect hymn, since I can't remember the one used in the story) When he entered the room he said, "You either need to change the sign, or change the song."

I love that. We are the church. Are we acting like Christ in all that we do?

I'm on a roll... our church is reading "24 Hours that Changed the World", the last hours of Christ's life. It has been very powerful. Jesus forgave his closest friends who betrayed him, ran away from him, and denied knowing him. If Jesus forgave them in his darkest hour, we are forgiven.


Okay, it's your blog. I'll stop rambling on now. ;)
greg milinovich said…
preach it, girl! love it! i'm pretty sure Jesus' main message was: love those whom you like and who help you protect the entitlement and privilege you enjoy.

or maybe not. maybe it was something more like, give everything you have to the poor, and take up your cross daily.

that is all. proceed with your day.
RedBank Billy said…
just a quick comment on "social justice"..just be careful who is talking about it and how they are using the terms to further their agenda...I believe we should give what we can to those who need help but not give all we have away to people who say they will help those without...
RedBank Billy said…
Oh and BTW..the government has no right to do any kind of
"social justice" they can't even manage themselves....
Unknown said…
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