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documentation/have a blessed lent

i know, i know.  some of you have been wondering where the heck i am.  sorry.  its been a crazy week.  between recovering from jetlag and spending the night with cade in the hospital, between shoveling snow and trying to catch up on work, and with the added element of our annual documentation weekend, i just haven't had the time/energy.  but i'm back today.  thanks for checking back in on me.

that's right, i said "annual documentation weekend."  that's because "scrapbooking weekend" leaves too big a bruise on my machismo.  so we'll go with documentation weekend, which means that we spent the long weekend with a huge pile of all of our pictures from this last year, and we organized them and sorted them and cut them and glued them along with various momentos and every other sort of paper, all in an effort to tell the story of our 2009.  for who?  for us, i think.  and for our kids, too.  i have this ongoing need in my life to leave this trail, a modern day hansel and gretel, to see where i've been, i suppose.  not so much so that i can get back, but so that i don't forget who i've become through all the me' that i have been.  the past is a colored map that shouts out: "you've been here!  don't forget it!  remember who you are!"  and so i joyfully spend the weekend with gluesticks and "cute" scrapbooking accessories, all in order to not forget. 

so that's where i've been.  not particularly manly, i know. oh, but i did watch the olympics a bit, too.  women's curling and couple's figureskating.  okay, nevermind. 

today, of course, is ash wednesday, one of my favorite days of the Christian year.  today we begin the journey of lent, a journey of passion, if you will but invest in it.  will you?  will you take the time to set yoiur face towards redemption, even as you walk through a broken world that clings to hopelessness like so much dead weight?  will you be willing to face your own brokenness as you walk toward the one who was ultimately broken for you?  will you be willing to dare to believe that audicious and unbelievable claim that it will all be made right; that healing will come from all the broken pieces; and that love and light and life will, in the end, live and shine and win?  will you?  i pray i will.  and i pray you will, too.  have a blessed lent.


Crafty P said…
I have yet to check out your trip to Israel. I want to read it like a book. I don't know about you but all the snow and shoveling has made me feel like I lost a week ( or two) of life! I'm thrilled to begin a new lent. Well be making a Lenten craft today. And of course the thought of you scrapbooking, er documenting, with your wife brings joy to my heart. Can't think of a cooler or more manly thing for you to do than to reflect and create some art together. Bravo!
Mrs. Milinovich said…
Documentation huh? Well, that's an interesting euphemism for sure. I am jealous though. Wish I could say that my pictures are all "documented" and in order. Lent is a great time for reflection. I love the thought of turning my face toward the light so that I can reflect the love to this darkened world. What a great image.

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