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throwback thursday: greg "the bus" bettis

on this, the first day of the 2009 nfl season, i thought we would throwback to my days playing for the steelers.  there is, for some reason, a real shortage of photos/gamefilm from that era, but here is one of the few pictures i was able to dig up. 

in case you didn't realize it, this is kind of an exciting day for me.  and by exciting i mean that i may need to change my pants a few times today due to, well, accidents.  this is the kind of excitement that causes me to do the following (much of which i have already begun here at 9am):
-put my ipod on the "steelers" playlist (which includes 'renegade,' 'the steelers polka,' and many many more)
-dress myself, my wife and my children in black and gold
-turn on the nfl network and leave it on for the remainder of the day
-read every conceivable blog/article/tweet dealing with steelers football
-change my pants (see above)
-pace uncontrollably
-recheck the aforementioned blogs to see if they've updated their posts
-look at the clock every 33 seconds, only to realize that time is indeed moving slower than normal today
-stand up in the middle of the living room and twirl a yellow towel around my head with such fury that you might think i'm trying to take off  (this is often accompanied with loud shouts and exclamations, or by the sounds of styx blaring through my stereo)
-change pants again. 
-break every clock in the house
-and finally, when the moment arrives, perch nervously on the edge of my couch as the pittsburgh steelers get set to defend their status of champions of the world. 

here we go steelers, here we go!


Happy said…
enjoy your special day, greg.

and i'm not falling for the you played for the steelers bit.

trick me once shame on you, trick me twice shame on me....

and of course, go steelers!
Mary said…
ooh my...this game is stressing me out!
Crafty P said…
i hope one day to watch a steeler game with you and your fam. I'll add it to my "bucket list" as I'm sure it will be a life changing experience.
greg milinovich said…
aww, come on, happy! you didn't believe it! it was sooo believable, too. shucks.

mary, stressful isn't even the word for it. i said i had to change my pants before the game? you should have seen during the game!

crafty, that's just great. now i'm like a carnival show or something. "step right up...see the freakish steelers fan convulse in frantic swings from ecstasy to despair, all the while throwing random objects, shouting 'yoi!,' and waving a yellow towel. you've never seen anything like it!"
ps. you're welcome to come over any time. any. time. for realsies.

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