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the butt of the joke

i love eating take-out chinese food.
but i hate the way my stomach feels afterwards.

i love new shoes.

but i hate the credit card bill.

i love staying up late to watch a west-coast baseball game.

but i hate the alarm in the morning. are you getting the pattern here? good. because here's the point:i love spring. i love the warmth and the smells and the sounds. i love the growing hum of life, the colorful palette of growth, and the smell of the not-too-cool night wafting through the window. i love spring. but i hate the bees. and they are everywhere right now. bumblebees and wasps and yellowjackets and hornets and bees that i've never even seen before. i guess they are all buzzing about looking for a summer home, but in the meantime they think its funt o divebomb whatever humans are withing their crazy insect sight.

i have blogged before about my fear and loathing of las abejas, so i guess i don't need to go through it all again, but suffice to say that if you were to spy on me during these days, and if i happened to be in the gloriously warm outdoors at the time of your spying, you would think that i was suffering from some kind of seizures because i would likely be flailing about and uttering unspeakable curses like i've got a bad case of turrets. and you would most likely abandon your stealthy slying and begin laughing at me. you and the bees. thanks. thanks alot.

i like laughing. but i don't like when the entire insect world is laughing at me.



Crafty P said…
oh my. I'm imagining some very funny far side cartoons from way back with bees and their thoughts in little white balloons before they divebomb on a human like you.

maybe you're just sooooo sweet?
cathyq said…
Yea, I've already killed two wasps in the house and it isn't even May yet. Geez.
Emoly said…
I had to get rid of one that was stuck in between my sliding glass door and the screen. (how did it get there? It certainly wasn't motivated to leave....)

I don't mind the big fat bumble bees, but the one you have pictured is the worst kind of bee... yuck

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