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show and tell, volume two

here are some of the things i got for christmas: its only a replica. but its awesome. if the steelers can win on saturday, i'll be wearing this quite a bit over the next few weeks. maybe these will make me work out.
if the steelers DON'T win on saturday, at least i can relive 2005. oh yeah. ben hangs on the tree next year. to put your i.c. light on.

because everyone needs steelers markers.
this is a band t-shirt for the postal service. sweet band. cool shirt.this is for my collaging. not a stress kit. a distressing kit.

paper for collage.
for collage, and more collage, and more collage, and more collage, and even more collage.

still a guilty pleasure.
for the little magician in me.

sweet sweet music.

worship. done techno/trance style.

this is worship for me, as well. just done with an acoustic guitar and a wise old voice.
so i can listen to all my new music. and worship.

so i can sip something warm and life-giving while worshipping to cash and sufjan.

this is a book of postcards of works of art by modern artists doing slightly left-of-center versions of bible stories. it is really awesome.

a book by my favorite author. just a collection of some of his words.

and finally, something to help me keep the rhythm of life beating not only in my heart, but in my house as well. and wherever i want to.
i am blessed far beyond what i could ever hope to deserve. i only i hope i am not merely a consumer, but one who returns the blessing to all i meet and know.


Anonymous said…
cool to see all of your gifts pictured like that!! Though if I were you I'd be disappointed that no one gave you Steeler themed coffee. geez...
Eric said…
Hey! After I wrote my blog totally bashing all of our things, I was glad to stop by yours, and I was reminded that we are blessed by everything we have. I love your last line about being blessed and trying to spread that blessing... I quoted you in my comment to myself :)

Thank you for your thoughts and guidance, you are truly a blessing to us all.

Dan said…
Nice gifts Greg. You should ask your Mom about the coasters she got from me at the Christmas Eve Eve gift exchange this year. They will go nice with yours.
Crafty P said…
wow you are certainly a blessed man! lots of cool steelery gifts there.

can't wait to see what you create with all your artsy stuff while you listen to all your amazing new tunes on your cool tune sound machine thingamajig.
Anonymous said…
Sweet! I've been playing djembe for nearly 10 years now, and it is truly one of the most spiritual instruments I've ever owned. Enjoy!

And happy new year and all that.
Erin said…
Let me know how you like the last Johnny Cash CD. We find it very powerful.
Emoly said…
I like the album cover. Michigan Rules. Even if the Lions are a sad, sad NFL team....

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