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from an even quieter hallway

as i begin to write this post this morning, i need to tell you that it is before 5 am and i have been up for awhile. i'm in the hotel corridor (again) at the computer station, and cade is sitting next to me in his car seat which is sitting on one of those wheeled racks that hotels use to move luggage. he is on that contraption because i used it to wheel him around the hotel several times as i tried to get him to fall asleep at about 4:15. i needed him to fall asleep at 4:15 because he woke up at 4:13 when i brought him through the cold morning into the hotel. i was bringing him through the cold morning into the hotel because we had just spent the previous 40 minutes driving through extremely rural pennsylvania (quarryville, anyone?). we were driving through extremely rural pennsylvania at 3 something in the morning because i couldn't take his screaming in the hotel room anymore. neither could shannon. neither could jackson.

so now he is sleeping in the hallway. on a luggage rack. and i am blogging. the day is off to a wonderful start.

the conference is going well. we had a great speaker yesterday by the name of garlinda burton who works for the commission on the status and role of women in the united methodist church. she was a really good speaker who said a whole heck of alot, but one of the things that really stuck out to me was her emphasis on clergy self-care, which is just a fancy way of saying that clergy, like everyone else, need to take care of themselves spiritually, emotionally, physically, and in every way. as ministry can often be a pretty stressful job (and a 24-7 one, at that), it is even more important for pastors to be intentional about self-care. which got me thinking about my own practices, and how i stay in balance. and i just wandered what other people do to stay balanced and healthy holistically. for me, a solid day off each week is a way to stay completely in touch with and present to my family, and this keeps me very balanced. i also recognize that this blog often helps me slow down enough to reflect on my life a little bit and know myself a little better. this helps me too. what works for you?

finally, i just want to comment on the fact that despite the less than ideal situation of all 4 of us trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep in the same room, this stay at this hotel has been fun for us as a family. jack has had a blast because they have a little mini indoor water park where we have spent about 4 hours of this conference playing. he loved it and really enjoyed his time here. we will be going home later this afternoon, and i hope to be sleeping in the car!



Emoly said…
I just started yoga. Talk about balance. I have tuned in to my body, when I am standing at the sink doing dishes, sitting at my desk blogging, and even when I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep (sans screaming babies). I am enjoying the toning and the strength building I am getting out of the yoga. Yet, I also am enjoying the balance that it is bringing to my life. To my breathing. And to my body.

that's how I've learned to balance most recently.
Cindy said…
Balance is there such a thing? Just kidding right but that is how we usually feel. Time with family, time alone (blogging, reading, relaxing in a bath) and maybe even a good football game right! This week I have spent time watching NFL network waiting for the Super Bowl losing myself from the screaming children, the crying baby and wondering what its really like attending media day!
just a few ways I have found myself balancing this week.

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