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dear hollywood,

dear hollywood,
i miss you. i miss our nights of laughter and situational comedy. i miss your drama. i miss the stories you used to tell me. i even miss the tension between us when you'd make me sit on the edge of my seat. darn it all, i miss you.
it doesn't seem like you miss me so much, though. night after night i look for you but can only find old pictures of you re-running over and over. or something called reality tv. i keep hoping that you'll show up, especially at our old regular meeting time on thursday nights, but you're nowhere to be found. it saddens me that it seems you've forgotten me so quickly. i thought we had something special. but it occurs to me that maybe you haven't known me well enough. in fact, if you really knew me, maybe you'd be looking for me, too.
i'm a writer. that is, i enjoy writing. i pretty much write for free (are you listening now?). and i even write weekly. with a deadline. sometimes i make people laugh. sometimes i even make them cry. sometimes i convict people (you're probably not interested in that so much). i certainly know how to be dramatic (see most of the posts on this blog as examples).
in fact, the way i see it - you need me! desperately. and i'm offering myself. i'm taking a risk here and making myself vulnerable to you - i'm putting myself all out there: i miss you. and whether or not you realize it, i think you might miss me too. at the very least you could use me right now. and i'd be happy to help. so, if you want to; if you think about it and realize that i'm right, i'm right here. for now. but pretty soon i'm going to move on. i'll find something else to do on thursday nights. i won't wait forever. so let me know.
missing you,


Emoly said…
it is pathetic. and after the writer's strike will be an actor's strike followed by a director's strike. hello reality tv. blah. i would watch a show if you wrote one. i wonder how many will start showing up on youtube (homemade shows)?

missing the old hollywood
Megan said…
Now's the time to watch all the old series you heard were good but never got around to watching - because I cannot stomache the reality shows. Greg - nows the time to finish Friday Night Lights!
At least we have a few episodes of lost coming up...
I don't really watch much TV. I try to stay away from reality shows too. I do watch Law and Order. But thats about it.
I have to agree. It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday! This is the part I love the most about this, just as I said - meeting new and extremely talented artists.
I appreciated your allowing me to look through the collages you have created. I must admit, I was speaking very highly of them lastnight! Please do send whatever you would like on the site.
Enjoy your day!

Crafty P said…
oh my goodness. it does totally suck.

did you catch any of the people's choice awards? it was awful. pathetic. and Queen latifah was trying so hard... but without an audience it was like watching some weird documentary or something.

i say thank you Lord for netflix and shows that I'm just discovering and can watch the entire season without silly and annoying commercials in the middle.

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