Thursday, November 21, 2013

max: one year later

yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our dear max's death.  the day did not go unnoticed in our home; nor does any day, really, without him.  he is constantly missed.  when there is an abundance of crumbs on the floor under the table...when the night is too quiet without the sound of his regular and calming snore....when we get out the peanut butter...when we see any other dog, even on tv, we miss him terribly, and our hearts still ache with love for him. 

by the way, in reference to yesterday's post, we adopted max with his name already handed to us.  however, longing for the right to name him ourselves, we extended it a bit to maximus drake milinovich.  the "drake" came from none other then nick drake, the musician who's grave i visited a few days ago in england. 

so, along with yesterday's post about death and rising, may you rest in peace, maximus drake, and may you forever enjoy those bits of heaven that are like an endless jar of peanut butter, and a warm night to snore away into.  we miss you. 

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