Friday, February 18, 2011

back in the saddle

well, it's friday morning and, i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack in the saddle again, to quote that quirky american idol judge. 

seriously, though: it's good to be back.  i am sitting here with a cup of coffee, my first cup of coffee since monday morning, which means people who know me well will either (a) think the apocalypse is upon us, or (2) realize just how sick i was.  i was just not myself. 

more good news:  it's going to be in the sixties today here in central pennsylvania.  sorry al gore, but i have to be thankful for this one.  any sign that spring may be near, even if it's just a tease, is more than welcome.  i saw the grass in my front yard for the first time in more than a month. 

you'd think i would have more to say after being bed-ridden for 3 days, but, well, i was just lying in bed, so, not much to say.  you might assume that i had some time to think while the clock slowly ticked away the soundtrack to my sickness, and you'd be right.  here's what i was thinking: "this sucks.  i hate this.  blech.  my back hurts.  i'm hot.  i'm cold.  i'm hot.  i'm probably going to die.  where's the remote?"  and basically just more of that.  nothing earth-shattering.

here's a cool testimony to the connectivity power of social media, and more specifically, of this blog.   when i went to the doctor yesterday, i went through the normal paperwork and getting weighed in by the nurse and then waited in the room for the doctor to come into the room.   when the doctor (who, by the way, was wearing a sweet pink floyd tie) entered the room, he shook my hand, said hello, and then said, "102.1, eh?  that's not good."  

wait, what?  how did he know that my temp had been 102.1 during the week, unless...

"yep," he continued, "i read your blog every morning." 

how awesome is that?  my doctor reads my blog!  i sure hope he doesn't ever see this picture.  or read this post.  seriously, doc.  don't read it. 

anyway, it's good to be back in the saddle with a cup of coffee and the not so subtle smell of spring in the air.  thanks for thinking about me and asking about me and, in one reader's case, prescribing me some drugs.  my readers are the best. 

have a great - and healthy - friday. 



Emoly said...

does your doctor go to your church? If not, I'm very curious as to how he found your blog... (creepy stalker doctor??)

Anyway, that's great news (that he reads your blog and that you're feeling better)!! It was serious if you haven't had coffee since Monday. I raise my mug to you! Salut! (I really did just raise my mug)

greg. said... all my readers have to go to my church? couldn't i have a big following among physicians?

yes, my doc goes to my church.

Emoly said...

no... I actually assumed you found your doctor because he goes to your church (nepotism or church-nepotism as it were). lol, yes you could have a large following of physicians. That never occurred to me.

Greg C. said...

I'll join your church! Wait...that might take some time. You know, getting there and back. Anyway, good to hear you're, as you say, baaaaack in the saddle again. That is one of their greatest songs, btw. From the good ole days.