Monday, September 21, 2009

jeff reed makes me cry

most of you can only imagine what i'm like after a steelers loss.  and without living in my house, you're just going to have to continue to imagine.  let's just say that it's not pretty.  i'm writing these words about an hour after the steelers threw away (or should i say kicked away?) a game in chicago that they really should have won.  so, given the wager i had on the game, and my intense loathing of mediocrity by the steelers, you can let your imagination run wild.  if you are imagining a pounding headache, an unwillingness to move, a refusal to admit that it really happened, and a mess of things i threw at the tv that need to cleaned up, you're on the right track.  i'll need a day to recover.  talk to you tuesday. 



Chad said...

There is no such thing as "Should have won." Sorry for your loss. I had a tough one last night, too. Of course, I could say we "should have won," if not for Romo's interceptions and a defensive lapse at the end of the game. But the scoreboard says otherwise. There is no "should have."

greg. said...

totally disagree. i admit that there are only two options that matter: win or lose, but beyond the black-and-white-ness of that, there is a whole world of grey. a game is not determined solely by 2 missed field goals, or 3 interceptions. it is much smaller things. play by play things. who is winning the battle in the trenches? who is making more athletic plays? who is exerting their will on the other? these things are nearly immeasurable, and not static. they change throughout the game. but a careful analysis of any football game takes them into consideration. sometimes this careful study will show that the team who won most clearly should have won. sometimes, though, it will show something all together different. in a team sport this happens fairly often because while the team performs at a certain level one or two individuals could make one mistake that costs the whole team. this results in "should have" situations. doesn't change the result at all. but i guarantee you that many of the steelers players would tell you today that they should have won. they would also tell you that they didn't win, and that that is what matters.

Chad said...

I can see your point there, and definitely have said as much in the past... like last year when the Cowboys were totally dominating the Steelers and then collapsed late in the game. We "should have won." But not really...

We agree that there are tons of little things that go into the game, and we share much of the same passion for the game of football itself. My point is more of a philosophical one, though. It is perfectly right to say players were making better plays, or that one team was dominating the other. But that has "nothing" to do with "should have." At least, philosophically, it doesn't.

You can say they "played better," or "made all the right plays," or "they were 'winning' at the line of scrimmage," or any number of such things. But that doesn't mean they ought to have won. That just means they didn't make the plays that mattered most when they mattered most. Which speaks directly to your post's title "jeff reed makes me cry." Should is removed because players/teams make mistakes.

We can agree to disagree on this one, brother. Just as long as you know you're wrong... LOL

Love you, bro,

Anonymous said...

Greg, let me give you some words of wisdom from an older christian: "Excuses Reduces the Uses". Dude...even the MEDIA here doesn't think people should be baggin on Reed.

"would shoulda coulda". There's another one that doesn't get it done.

Hey man...I'm a living breathing example. Romo "shoulda" held that damn snap two years ago. He "shoulda" not thrown a pick six this weekend. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Look...if the three of us are honest at ALL, BOTH of our teams are pretty much in a heap of trouble if they keep playing like they've been...

-Kirk Voller

greg. said...

my voller friends, i am not suggesting that reed is the bad guy here. i mean, i really do expect an nfl kicker to make at least one of those kicks, given the money they make, but there were many reasons beyond reed that the steelers lost. the title of my post was a reference to the previous post about jay cutler crying. it was a joke.

what is not a joke, however, is my insistence that the steelers absolutely should have won that game against the bears. if you put two opponents against one another in a competition, and one is obviously superior to the other, then that one should win. it doesn't always happen, of course, because any number of factors can make a difference. but that doesn't change the fact that they should have won. i'm not talking about a cosmic "should" like i'm freaking bertrand russell or something. i'm just saying, one plays better than the other but still loses. they should have won. but they didn't. and chad, you are absolutely right to point out the dallas/pittsburgh game from last year. cowboys should have won. they just didn't.

no excuses here. just disappointment in a mediocre/poor performance by a team that lost to an inferior opponent. disappointment in a team that should have won but didn't.