Saturday, September 19, 2009


tomorrow afternoon the steelers will take on the chicago bears.  should be a fun matchup in the windy city, where the steelers have not been successful (1-11). 

it will be particularly exciting in this little corner of new jersey as one of my good friends, who i also work with at the church, is a big bears fan.  we've made a little wager that whoever's team loses has to wear the other team's jersey to church the following week.  so either i'll be wearing a bears jersey, or joel will be wearing a roethlisberger jersey to church next sunday.  can't wait to see joel in the black and gold. 


cathyq said...

make sure to wear you own black and gold so that you will be dressed alike. I know how much he loves that!

Joel B said...

Great game in the windy city today! I think it is time to add a new jersey to my bears collection and I have no other option than to go with a orange cutler jersey in honor of his performance today. Since orange is ur favorite color i think that you will look great in it. Any preference in which size I get?

stella g. said...

wow, Joel that's just mean. plain mean.