Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"that's what our life is about: miracles!"

some of you who read this blog are fans of the pittsburgh steelers, so you basically "get" why i am so fanatical about this football team.

but others of you? not so much. some of you don't even understand how i can even care about a football team so much at all, let alone a small market team from the rust belt. but i do. and while i've tried to write about the reasons before, reading this article might be a great way to at least begin to understand. get your tissues ready. its the story of one bob zinski and what happened to him after being diagnosed with cancer.

the way i see it, as a united methodist pastor, it seems that the steeler organization ministered to bz, demonstrating the importance of community and compassion. it is just one of the things i love about the pittsburgh steelers, and just one of many reasons that i am a proud member of steeler nation.

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