Friday, September 09, 2016

we are!...

on saturday we went to our first ever penn state football game.

we are!.... at this!

but we had a blast.  we left at 10:30am for the 3:30 game at beaver stadium, just a few miles from our house.  we got there without any traffic, got into our parking space and set up "camp," which meant that we had table and chairs and food and snacks and drinks and games and toys.  we played board games, threw the football, had a dangerous throwing competition, and took a walk around the perimeter of beaver stadium to fully emerge in this "cross cultural experience" as i kept calling it.  the weather was spectacular, and helped us to fully appreciate the pregame, as well as the game itself.

once we got into the stadium, we were blessed with padded seats (with backs!) and truly enjoyed all the pomp and circumstance of the blue band, the student section, the nittany lion, and more.  so much fun!

the game was sort of meh, at least in the first half, as penn state seemed to struggle to get some rhythm.  the second half picked up a little bit, and it was fun when the crowd really got into the game, making plenty of noise and causing some pre-snap penalties.

we filtered out as the band played the penn state alma mater with the team gathered in the corner of the end zone.  we stayed for another hour or so, eating some more and talking about the game (especially the best play of the game: the kicker joe julius making a bone-cracking "tackle" on a kick returner).  when we finally left, we had no traffic, and we got home in a jiffy, capping off a perfect day for our first penn state football experience.

special note of thanks to the good folks who gave us their tickets and parking spaces (such great spaces!), which enabled us to have this great experience...your generosity is so appreciated!

we are!...

...penn state!

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