Wednesday, December 23, 2015

a milinovich family christmas, 2015

ho ho ho!  we were able to once again dance and sing and wonder our way through an awesome advent this year, making memories and embracing all the craziness of christmas.  we once again got to ride a holiday train, perform in a christmas play, have a silly string battle, cut down our own tree, make a gingerbread house, go caroling, decorate cookies, make snowflakes, build a christmas lego set, and much more.  oh, and this year we had a new family member (john coffey) to join in the celebration.  here is our newest video, and below you can see all the others if you'd like to see how we've changed (and stayed the same, too) in 8 years.  merry christmas!


Emoly said...

What Lego Christmas scene did you build? And where did the Gingerbread house (kits?) come from? Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Gregory Milinovich said...

we built a christmas candy shop. and the gingerbread house wasn't a kit...the outside was handbuilt out of foam board, and the rest was all candy and icing.