Thursday, October 08, 2015

64 miles

i've been running again.

i started on august 31st.  so it's been over a month now, and i finally feel like i can take a moment to reflect on how i've been doing.  here's what its looked like so far....

8/31: 3.1 miles
9/2:   3.3 miles
9/4:  3.5 miles
9/7:  4.16 miles
9/9:  3.18 miles
9/11: 2.82 miles
9/14: 3.24 miles
9/16: 3.10 miles
9/18: 5.00 miles
9/22: 3.10 miles
9/24: 3.14 miles
9/25: 7.00 miles
9/28: 3.10 miles
9/30: 3.20 miles
10/2: 7.24 miles
10/5: 3.14 miles
10/7: 3.10 miles

that's over 64 miles in just over a month.  i know it's not really that much, but for me, it's become a consistent thing, and i am proud of that.  i don't know how much weight i've lost, if any, but i know that my clothes are fitting better, and i am feeling much better about myself.  and i know that when i'm sweating, and i'm just not sure if i want to keep running up the next hill; or when it is 6:15 in the morning and i just think i'd rather sleep in until i absolutely have to get up, i have this as motivation:

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