Saturday, May 09, 2015

mothers day: a look back (part 2)

yesterday i posted about how our mothers day videos got started, and i shared the first three, from 2009-2011.

today i want to continue to the series starting with our 2012 installment.  we were having major problems with our video camera in 2012, so the quality was extremely poor this year, and is really my least favorite of all of them.  i was trying to show how the boys are growing up, with an athletic theme, showing the physicality of their growth and talking about how Shannon leads and demonstrates for them how to grow up strong and healthy.  she inspires each of us in that way.  so that was what the 2012 video was meant to show.  here it is:

2013 brought a new era in making videos.  as the kids get older, we have more ability to be creative and make the creation of the video a collaboration.  jackson and caedmon were able to contribute ideas, and we were able to expand the amount of shooting, even with the addition of a new cast member, quinton.  we had an absolute blast making this video all over sunbury, attracting more than a few curious onlookers!  you can just feel the fun coming through the video:

that bring us to last year, 2014.  last year was the first year i decided to connect the video with the gift we were giving to Shannon for mothers day.  we were giving her tickets to go and see bruce springsteen in concert in hershey, pa, so we decided to do a bruce springsteen, and dress up like him.  we also used the tickets as part of the plot - a mystery envelope - which is hidden at the end of the video, and led to her having to go and get it and open the envelope after she saw the video.  we once again had an absolute blast making this video all over sunbury, and even had a bit of an audience at one location.  again, as the boys get older, they are more active in contributing ideas, suggestions, and their own flavors to the video.

so there are the first 6 years of our mothers day video.  tune back in tomorrow to see our newest video, one that i hope will continue to capture our kids at a distinct moment in their lives, full of their energy and life and joy, so much of which is due to the love and nurturing given to them by their mother.

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