Friday, May 08, 2015

mothers day: a look back (part 1)

this will be our seventh year making a video to celebrate mother's day, and to try and honor and bless shannon with a short video meant to capture a moment in the life of our children who, like all children, are growing up way too quickly.  the videos are meant to feature her, but to showcase her life's best work:  our beautiful children.

i'm not really sure how the idea got started back in 2009, but i thought it would be fun to make her a video in which the kids (just two of them at that time) could express their own love to her in their own words.  so here is our first effort, back in 2009:

when the next year rolled around, i thought we could try again, but this time we would let the boys hold papers that did the talking for them.  only problem was, i was terrible at shooting and editing video, and so most of what was written down is illegible.  sorry about that.  you'll have to take my word for it that it was all kind words for their mommy.  so, here they are (still just two of them) in 2010:

by 2011 we had moved to a new house, and while the boys were still only two in number (and shannon and i were still playing man-to-man defense), the mothers day video had become an annual tradition, and required a bit of thoughtfulness and planning.  if only i knew where it was heading, maybe i would have stopped and just bought a $3.99 card at hallmark.  oh well.  2011 brought us this goofiness, another snapshot of what our life looked like that year:

stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow, and our newest addition to the series on sunday!

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