Sunday, April 05, 2015

happy resurrection day, 2015

"lent 7, 2015: hope"
mixed media collage (tissue paper, wallpaper glue, acrylic paint, gel medium, and a found stone on stretched canvas)
march, 2015
gregory a. milinovich

here is hope?

here in the midst of stones?
here, with carved rock and granite graves?
here, in the valley; in the shadow of death?
this is where our journey leads?
to the chill of earth-cold stone, and it's deathy darkness?
this is hope?


what if the stones have been moved?
what if the rocks have been rolled?
what if death's icy grip has been broken?
what if this cemetery is really a birthing room?
what if love could crush fear and brokenness?
what if life could emerge, even out of death?
what if "good" and "very good" were worth saving?
what if the Maker would do this, for what was made?
what if the icy sting of the grave turns out to be birth pangs?
what if....resurrection?
among the stones?  among all this death?

here is hope!

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