Thursday, February 05, 2015

a steelers hat changes everything


i actually like winter, but every year there comes a time when i've simply had enough.

and that time has come.  when i saw that the stupid groundhog was predicting 6 more weeks (might as well be months) of winter, i felt like i could punch that rotten rodent in his smug little snout.  i wanted to wring his whiskery little neck!  i wanted to turn him into groundhog gumbo and eat him while sitting outside on some new orleans patio, where i'm perspiring because of the temperature, and wearing flip flops so that my tanned little toes can breath in the warm air.  i was mad at that wannabe meteorologist mammal.  and then i saw this picture

and i calmed down.  i mean, he is pretty cute, now that i get a better look at him.  i think we could be friends.  look at those adorable little ears!  i guess i could live with a few more weeks of ash-gray snow all over everything, if that precious little creature thinks its best.  (a steelers hat changes everything).

still, brrr....

anyway, while winter rages on, there's always this:

and so, hope remains.

to sum up:
1. it's too cold
2. i hate that stupid groundhog
3. oh wait, he's wearing a steelers hat...
4. i love that adorable groundhog.
5.  it's still too cold
6. baseball is coming!

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