Tuesday, January 13, 2015

suitable shelves

there are a few things i'm not that bad at doing.  i can beat box.  i can talk steelers football.  i can tell a pretty tall tale.  see, i've got skills.  and i didn't even mention that i can eat a whole box of cinnamon toast crunch in one sitting. 

i've got mad skills.  but carpentry isn't one of them.  

which is why i'm fairly happy that i was able to build these shelves for jackson's room without a)losing a digit or b)destroying a load-bearing wall.  i had to cut and sand and build and pre-treat and paint and hang them, which is a considerable amount of verbs with which i prefer to remain unfamiliar.  however, i did it, and while they aren't perfect or even very good, i daresay that they are approaching the 'suitable' range, which is a major win for this beatboxing, cinnamon toast crunch-eating, tall tale-telling steelers fan.  

1 comment:

Crafty P said...

extremely impressed. i bought mine at ikea and they are still sitting waiting to be hung