Wednesday, January 07, 2015

my new toy

i love getting toys for Christmas.  here is a lego vw bus i got which i had a blast building, and will now display in my office.  the doors open, it has an awesome looking engine (in the back of course), an accelerator, brake pedal and gear shift, plus great living accommodations with a sink, chairs, bed, table, drawers, a mirror, and more.  it even has the center section in the roof that lifts up for ventilation, and a roof rack.

i love getting books and music, and even a shirt or two for Christmas, but nothing beats getting a toy.  makes you feel like a kid again, and makes it much easier to remember to have that childlike joy and wonder, not just at Christmas, but all the time.  Jesus said something about that being the best way to enter the kingdom of heaven. maybe because he knew that when we let down our pretenses and our defenses enough to play and dream and enjoy this incredible world, we will truly begin to experience it the way it was created to be experienced.  with holy laughter.  and imagination.

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Emoly said...

On Sunday, I told my youth that I got Lego's for Christmas and they were confused by that. I explained that you're never too old for toys. The VW is awesome! Happy building. (I saw Jackson's Titanic, that was also awesome!)