Wednesday, December 03, 2014


hello from the milinovich household!  believe it or not, we're still here!  we had a wonderful thanksgiving, full of wishbones and football and the deep satisfaction of being surrounded by those who know you best and still love you anyway.

thankful, indeed.

now we have jumped headlong into advent, fully expecting Jesus to show up in all the traditions and mundane moments of these weeks.  we acknowledge a certain inherent craziness in the upcoming days, but we have also challenged ourselves to give the gift of our presence this year, to God and to others.

on monday we went and got our Christmas tree, an annual tradition filled with such fun as finding the perfect tree, then walking 2.9 more miles away from it in search of a better one; putting the tree in the stand in such a way as to make it absolutely impossible to stand up straight; and getting out the lights that mysteriously stopped working since last year,   fun.  actually, that's what usually happens, but this year we had none of that.  it was almost too easy.  we found the tree pretty quickly (that's shannon and the boys saying "TA-DAAAA" up above).  it stood up straight.  all the lights worked.  we didn't have any trips to the e.r.  it's been a pretty holly-jolly season so far.  and the tree looks amazing, along with the rest of the house, all decorated and lit up, just the way we want it.  you would think we are expecting someone.  oh, wait....we are....

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