Monday, October 27, 2014

steelers stack wins, behind ben

here we go indeed.  are you kidding me?  when i turn the tv on to watch a steelers game, i have no idea which team is going to show up.  will it be the one who lost to the tampa bay bucs?  or it will it be the one that put up a 51-spot on the colts yesterday, moving the ball through the air at will, and even put some pressure on the colts and their high-powered offense.  who is this team?  

after the first game of the season, which ended up being a (just barely) win against the browns, i wrote about the jekyll and hyde nature of this team.  i  had no idea just how much that would come to be a theme, at least over this first half of the season.  but, if the steelers were able to win yesterday, and stack their first wins of the season, and maybe move towards some consistency, it was in large part due to the play of ben roethlisberger.  

 ben was hyped.  he had heard about the great andrew luck all week, and i think he felt like he had something to prove.  and boy, did he.  i'm not going to look up all the numbers, but i know that he threw for the fourth most yards ever by a quarterback, and he became the first quarterback in the history of the nfl to throw for over 500 yards twice.  no one else has done.  just one guy has: ben roethlisberger.


ben was very big yesterday.  he was just on point.  every pass looked sharp.  his decisions were good.
but he couldn't do it alone.

i have to give credit to the offensive line.  ben threw the ball 49 times.  do you know how many times he was sacked?  zero.  no sacks.  he was barely touched all game until a stupid decision he made to try and run it at the end.  great, great job by the offensive line.  great run blocking early in the game, and unbelievable protection for ben throughout.  amazing.

speaking of amazing, how about those wide receivers?  are you kidding me?  huge catches by brown, heath, bryant, wheaton, and moore.  just great execution all over the field in beautiful ways.

but andrew luck and the colts were very good, too.  and we needed the defense to make some big plays.  willie gay's pick-six was really big, and antwon blake's interception in the end zone was critical.  great job by the defense of not quitting and keeping their heads up.

now it's on to the ravens.  here we go.

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