Tuesday, September 09, 2014

random: the karate kid, cabbage, and baskahnia

--back in the spring, someone came to jackson's class and gave them all a small cabbage plant.  they were all to take them home and grow them and see who could grow the best cabbage.  jackson was pretty excited about this, and you can see that he grew a very nice cabbage this summer, as a result.

it is currently being turned into sour kraut, which is a disgusting process.  i voted for egg rolls, but i was voted down.  oh well, it is really great for the kids to see the growing process and how the earth can bring forth sustenance for us if we take care of it and nurture it.

--if you watched sunday's game, you will enjoy this:

--and if you are a steelers fan in pennsylvania, you will enjoy this:

--quinton's been cracking me up with his talking recently.
     northumberland christian school has been "balella (which is umbrella) christian school," and then "banana" christian school.
     lasagna is baskahnia.
     poison ivy is toison ivy.
     the yankees are the lankees.
     french fries are ench fries.
     tv is tease-bee.
--have a great tuesday!

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