Monday, September 01, 2014

new collage: hoped in thy word

i was able to spend some time in my art room this weekend, for the first time in a long time.  part of the problem was that it had become an unmanageable mess in there, and i finally got the nerve to deal with it and get it cleaned and organized.  as soon as that was done, i was itching to make something!  i had a project already in the works, so i got right to it. 

a friend had given me a family bible that was from the 1800's, knowing that i use them for all sorts of things in my art, and the one condition was that i use the cover to make a collage dealing with hope.  

what you see below is a progression of about 11 or 12 pictures showing my process, from beginning to end.  i start by tearing and cutting and just loosely placing things on the "canvas" to see what composition is most pleasing to me.  once i find something i am generally happy with, i remove it all and get to the work of gluing it to the backing.  in this case, i used acrylic gel medium as my glue.  you'll see that i was also enjoying a cup of coffee as i worked!  

finally, the story on this collage is that every element i used (other then the glue, of course, and maybe a drop of coffee or two), was from inside the bible, whether it was the pages themselves, or things i found tucked away inside.  the title is a quote from psalm 119:74, "...i have hoped in thy word..."

"hoped in thy word"
paper collage (found papers, acrylic gel medium on hardcover book board)
august 2014
gregory a. milinovich

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