Thursday, July 31, 2014

the faces of a boy turning three

holy happy birthday, batman!

last week we celebrated the third birthday of our own little caped crusader, and it was a festive occasion! even though no one seems to believe it, i did indeed make and decorate the batman cake he wanted, and it turned out okay, if imperfect.  but he didn't notice....he loved it!

but probably not as much as he enjoyed the gift portion of the festivities, which included several lego items, much to his delight.

he is a blessed boy, of course, but he is also a tremendous blessing, not only to his mommy and daddy, but to his brothers, as well.  we are so fortunate.  he keeps us laughing, guessing, dancing, and tickling him as much as we can.  like any three year old, he can be a stubborn child, trying on his own new ideas and testing out the boundaries and the consequences for crossing them, but even those tries and tests have a certain amount of joy connected to them.  he is just fully alive, freshly so, and contagiously offering all that life to all of us.  we are blessed for it.  we are blessed by him.  we are just blessed.  period.

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